Fiction and Poetry

On The Shores of Eternity

Sitting in High Dive
5:15 on a Saturday
A carbonated meditation
To replay the week

trial and error
feeling in the dark
tapping along quietly
straining for the ping back
tunnel of my vision

Sweet action
amber courage
a liquid confidence arises
and a murmur of the soul

Through the charity of our fathers
German brewmasters of note
We achieve a measure of equality
a sense of clarity
a touching of reality

A negation of the feelings
a nail sticking out
to be pounded down

An oddball diamond
waiting to be found
glinting and shiny
On the shores of eternity

By ingkavet

Andrew Ingkavet is an educator, author and entrepreneur.
His belief that learning a musical instrument builds skills vital to success in life has led to a thriving music school in Brooklyn, NY. Internationally, Andrew helps music teachers with the Musicolor Method, an online curriculum/training as well as a 5 star-rated book,The Game of Practice: with 53 Tips to Make Practice Fun. He is also founder of 300 Monks, a music licensing company.

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