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A surprising new way to eat – no lectins!

I’ve recently begun cooking, shopping and eating in a new way.  It all came from a book, The Plant Paradox – the hidden dangers in healthy foods by Steven R. Gundry, MD which I learned about from Peter Diamandis.

All Roads Lead To The Gut

While I’ve been very much a conscious eater for the last 30 years of my life, I’ve begun discovering how much of our health is sourced back to the health of our gut.  The microbiome inside our stomachs are what keeps us healthy and when not, is responsible for something like 90% off disease!

Having battled skin issues like eczema, acne and dry skin patches for years with over the counter steroid creams, I knew I was only removing the symptoms and not the true root of the problem.

The Plant Paradox book goes into heavy detail, with scientific reasoning and anecdotal results, though from over 10,000 patients of Dr. Gundry.  The basic message is, we’ve been told all the wrong things about food.  It’s not about eating more protein, or eating only vegetables or only whole grains, in fact it’s all about lectins.

Lectins are a protein found in plants.  It’s what the plant produces to ward off bugs and predators as it gives anyone who eats them a bad stomach.  But over the hundreds of years, we’ve disconnected this cause and effect.  It’s the reason why peanuts cause so many issues, some immediately life-threatening.

So big surprises in my new shopping list and meal plans.

Good Fats are the Most Important

Olive oil, avocados, chocolate, walnuts, pistachios, almonds are my new favorite friends.

No nightshades!

This includes eggplants, peppers and tomatoes, all big favorites of my old diet!

No grains at all!

We humans are basically not meant to eat grains.  It’s the outer husk that is most problematic.  Brown rice is actually worse than the white rice, which is probably why the Chinese have been removing the shells from rice for thousands of years!    Whole grain bread – no way!

In my early reading of this book, I’ve found that the Yes list and No list of foods are pretty helpful and can be easy to follow.  It’s just the old habits and cravings that make it hard.

Bread?  Pizza?  Chips? Beer?

Well, it was nice to have known you once.

At least I can still have some wine and cheese, oh French cheese that is.  You’ll have read the book to get all the details.  I especially like the new food pyramid he offers.