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The surprising struggle with composing music for media

For the past twenty or so years, I’ve been involved as a composer for theater, film, television and other media.  In the past, I have done projects for commercial advertisers pushing products and services that I didn’t always believe in.

That’s tough.  Because there’s a conflict internally.  And while I wanted to create the best possible music analogue to the message, it became more and more difficult with projects I couldn’t believe in.

Belief.  It’s the only thing that makes us who we are.  Our beliefs and our values.

Recently I was invited to create the soundtrack and trailer music for a new podcast.  The subject is about immigrants and the deportation of the most vulnerable of them.  As a child of immigrant parents, married to an immigrant, it’s something I can get behind.

While I don’t condone illegal immigration, I do think the way we treat people who are here, no matter how they arrived is a reflection on our society.

The podcast is called Indefensible and is sponsored by the Immigrant Defense Project.  


art music

Music for Theater, Instinct

I wrote music for this theater production of an original play by Matthew Maguire.  It opens this weekend in NYC at the Lion Theater on Theater Row.  An outbreak is spreading and scientists are racing to save the world whilst dealing with their own troubled relationships.  The play is smart, witty, fast and very disconcerting. What’s scary is how plausible this is!

Here’s an excerpt of the music from it.