Sex and God, now that’s a title!

I’m about to start working on a new theater production of a play titled “Sex & God” with the wonderful cutting edge Son of Semele Ensemble in Los Angeles.  This will be my third collaboration with these folks and I am as always, honored and grateful to join.

The Scottish play is by Linda McLean and features intercut monologues of 4 women spread over time.   The accents are wonderful!  I feel a brogue coming over me!

The playwright has written into the work an old Scottish tune that has become like a folk song, though it was originally written as a commercial jingle.  It’s called Coulter’s Candy and apparently old folks from the Highlands all know it as well as Americans know “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”

So my job is less as a composer and more as an arranger/producer and sound designer of this piece.  Still haven’t figured out what I will do, but it will be some kind of underscore in different tempos and feelings as well as a few featured jingle-anthems.

Here’s what the song sounds like as found on YouTube.

Update – April 3, 2014.

Here’s my work in progress on the score.

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