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Music for film, theater, multimedia and advertising by Andrew Ingkavet.

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I’ve been creating music for film, television, advertising and theater since the early 1990’s when I was living in Hong Kong. But actually, before that, my first film actually was in the 80’s for my then room-mate, a little known comedian named Adam Sandler. That score has long been lost (thank goodness!). From around 2001, or so, I started to get back into film and theater music and ramped up my project studio. Here’s some of the results.

Film Music Credits

Noelle – Written & Directed by David Wall. Generxion Entertainment. Winner Best Director Fort Lauderdale Int’l Film Fest 2007.

Other People’s Children – Written, Directed & Produced by Beth Miranda Botshon.

The Mighty Humble Blueberry – Written, Directed and Produced by Nancy O’Mallon. Winner of Homegrown Award, NJ Film Festival 2007.

Hand Off – Directed by Jeremy Wechter, Written by Ethan Youngerman, Produced by Emily Johnson, Raw Impressions

Agent Cool Blue – Directed by Peter Bregman, Treehouse Animation.

Elizabeth Gunness – Written & Directed by Eric Maconaghie Rogers.

Donny & Clyde– Written & Directed by Casey Moulton.

Coqui – Animated Short by Written & Directed by Nelson Diaz.

Phos – Animated Short Written & Directed by Eric “Chino” Wong

The Rose Cure – Directed by Keith Davis, Written by Joe Gilford, Produced by Ben Pickup, Raw Impressions

Theater Credits

De Novo Part 1 ‘lil Silent (2008) New York and Regional- Houses On The Moon Theater Company – Written & Directed by Jeffrey Solomon.

Abandon (2007) New York- Presented by LaMama ETC & Creation Production Company. Written and Directed by Matthew Maguire

The Tower(2004) Los Angeles – Presented by Son of Semele Ensemble, Los Angeles – Written by Matthew Maguire. Winner NAACP Theater Awards.

Building Houses On The Moon (2001) New York and Regional – Houses On The Moon Theater Company – Written & Directed by Jeffrey Solomon.

Growing Up & Other Heroic Deeds (1990) New York and Regional – CityKids Repertory Theater Company – Written by Jeffrey Solomon. Directed by Laurie Carlos.

Here’s some music I produced for my son who was 8 at the time.

Alejandro Ingkavet
I produced Alejandro’s debut EP. He wrote all the songs except for Happy Thoughts.


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